How to increase conversions through web design


Web design plays a vital role in creating conversions through your website. However, some web designers may be too focused on the design itself that they tend to forget the basics that highly affect conversions. For instance, a designer may decide to put their focus on making the website more appealing but forgets that it can also affect the loading speed of the website. A slow loading page is more likely to make customers impatient and irritable and thus result in customers leaving the website. These factors may be simple but never forget their importance on increasing conversionsLet’s take a look at the following factors that can speed up your conversions.

Cart visibility

Ensure that each product page is clearly showing the shopping cart sign so that customers are aware of them. Customers should also never have any difficulty in locating the cart. There are many ways that designer can highlight the cart so that it’s more visible. For instance, they can resize the button or simply change the colour.

Simplified search box

All websites should always have a search box button on all pages. Customers like to use the search box for when they are looking for something specific. Also please ensure that this button is always functional.

Colour compatible

When choosing a colour for the cart button, make sure that it is compatible with your current theme. A fact shows that the colours blue and green creates a positive effect.


Include a direct call to action on your page. An example of a direct call to action phrases includes “Add to Cart” and “Buy Now. A study has proven that direct call to action is much more effective than an indirect call to actions.


When designing the navigation, ensure that they are very simple and clear to your visitors. The more comfortable they can navigate to your website, the longer they are likely to stay.

Advantages of having a simple website

Having a clean look or a simple website is on trend right now, simply because it comes with so many benefits for your business and brand as well. Your website is also essential when it comes to showcasing what your brand has to offer. The design of your website is critical when creating a first impression on your customers. There’s been a study to prove that 48% of people will instantly judge your business just by looking at your web design. So why should you opt in for a simple design? We’ll discuss below why having a simple web design can give you an advantage.

Content focused

A simple website will highlight your content more. On the other hand, a design that has too many advertisements or too many random colours will look too busy or too distracting for your audience. It’s also vital that you have a variety of relevant, high-quality contents on your website. Contents can be shown in forms of text, images and videos.

User friendly

Websites with a simple design will have a better navigation all around and therefore are much more user-friendly for visitors. Visitors will find it easier to look for specific information and your contacts. This gives your audience a better user experience, and they are more likely to be interested in staying on the website.

Cheap hosting

You will need less space when you decide to simplify your website. This means that you will be saving money as you won’t have to spend more for extra space on your hosting.

Professional and trustworthy

It’s proven that simple designs are more professional looking. Once your audience thinks that your website is professional, they are more likely to have trust in your business as well. When looking to simplify your design, make sure that the theme is bright and simple.  

Web Design & Internet Marketing

When designing a website, there are many aspects involved that can make it more difficult than first meets the eye. Not only must you be able to apply style elements that will look appealing to the audience, but you need to be able to prepare it for marketing as well. In terms of hardware, any cheap computer or laptop will do. No special specifications required. You can easily find laptops for sale within any price range online.

If you have no expertise yourself then find a creative design agency who can implement your ideas through graphic and digital design. Their professionals will be able to take your notes and branding and turn it into a great website.

There are several steps that should be followed when designing your website, and they go as follows.


Many new web designers like to dive right into their work, and this is the top reason that so many fall flat on their face later on. You need to plan everything out before you start creating your page, such as what type of content is going to be placed on the page, what images are going to be used, what type of background do you want, what is going to be your colour scheme, etc.

By using techniques such as the Rule of Thirds, a technique learned in graphic design, you should already know where everything is going to be placed before you actually put anything on your page. It can be helpful to draw a sketch that represents your page beforehand.
There is a bit of math involved with this step as well. You need to make sure that there is enough room in each line, otherwise your elements may be floated down, which will ruin the entire layout of the page.


The next step is to actually put your design into effect. It is common practice to start at the top of the page, and then work your way down. This is the easiest and most efficient method of creating web pages, and it helps when floating objects.

While in the process, constantly check your updates in your web browser. You don’t have to actually upload your HTM file onto the server, as you can right click and open the file up inside of your browser without hosting it on the server.

You should always do your styling elements on your page in a separate CSS file, rather than do it directly in the HTML. This will keep everything organised and will reduce conflicting errors. If possible, use as few styling elements in your HTML as possible except when necessary.


The final step is another one that many new designers seem to skip. Once completed, you need to go back through the entire project and check for any errors that could be present.

Even if you went through and checked the page after every single change, that …

Tips on how to design a high quality website

When designing a website, it’s important that you create a good quality and professional looking website as it gives off a first impression to your visitors. Remember, just like in interviews, first impressions counts. It’s also ideal to keep up with trends as today’s web designs are always changing and improving. Finding out what’s new on the market can give you a competitive advantage with other websites. So how do we create a great quality web design? Luckily, I found some interesting articles that give you tips and knowledge on how to design a first-class website.

How to Design and Develop a Good Quality Website

A level playing field now exists on the internet. Regardless of what kind of business you have, you’re now able to look professional by investing in a well-designed website. Investing in a website which will do your company justice is very important as is good content. First impressions are important whether you sell directly or indirectly, through your website. Your website is like your shop window and creates customer impressions, so you need to use it to attract customers!

High value businesses have high-end websites and branding. Your website is often the first contact customers have with your business. A website is one of the keystones of your brand and value. It is also how your customers perceive your business. Your brand image is conveyed via your web and social media presence and content marketing. Your brand image is everything, and you need to protect it with good copywriting and social media management.

Adding some infographics to visually explain concepts advice and tips will really boost the interest of your customers. Adding a blog which is regularly updated will increase shares via social media and increase positive perceptions of your business. (read more at

How To Design A Top-notch Web Site

Usually the success of a website is defined by how well it is designed. Using appealing and effective website design elements will communicate to your visitors a website that is trustworthy, looks good, and simple to use. However, if you have bad web design, these visitors will exit out of your site without viewing any content. Follow this advice to make sure you start creating great websites.

TIP! Using a fixed position navigation will help your users use it with ease. This technique involves locking a site’s navigation panel in place as the visitor scrolls down the page.

Always implement powerful site-searching capabilities when designing a large website. Place a search box in the top right corner on the home page where users can search for a term that may appear on your site. FreeFind and Google both offer these search functions to use on your site.

Try pulling images into your post to maximize engagement. Those photos can give your site a lot of personality. People like to look at pictures, so they will probably spend more time on your site. (read more at…

The Importance of Web Design for Businesses

When you have a business that you want to grow and expand with a new audience or following, doing so is possible by implementing website design that is relevant, modern and appealing to your target audience. Understanding your brand and how you want it to be perceived can help you to determine the type of web template and logo design you should create.

Website design is important for a number of reasons, including giving your site or brand itself credibility when you want to sell products or services that you have to offer. By ensuring you have a good logo and understand what modern graphic design entails, you are more likely to reach your intended audience without having to invest in additional advertising and marketing services. Have a bespoke design created for your site, it can seem expensive but it is initially one of the most important aspects of having a good online presence. You need to remember that cheap web design can also equal high quality. It will just depend on the company and your requirements. Once you have given your business a professional look, you will start to bring in traffic. The more relevant your site is, the more likely you are to appeal to those you want to find your products or services interesting and valuable.

Having a website that is well-designed will allow you to attract both your current fans and consumers while also appealing to potentially new customers as well. One that is designed professionally, easy to access and also easy to read will keep visitors on your page for extended periods of time, increasing the chances of making a potential sale or gaining a new customer. You can opt to have focus groups to help with choosing the right design for your company based on its appeal, relevance and ease-of use before you choose to launch your site live.…

Website Builder

Most business owners have long since realised how essential a website is for their success. Even a company that does not rely upon web sales understands how important the Internet is in terms of marketing and advertising. For example, most everyone looks for companies, products and services over the Internet rather than using local phone books exclusively.

In order to participate in digital marketing, an online presence for businesses is necessary. Below are some of the reasons why website building tools such as templates and a flash site builder are an essential element of design.

Cost Reductions

Site building tools can significantly reduce the cost of both starting and maintaining online businesses. The initial costs associated with hiring website designers are often so high that the average entrepreneur is unable to afford those services. In addition, there are usually other features to pay for on professional sites that can be developed. Therefore, the standard fees for designing may not include certain aspects of the finished process.

After the launch of the site, it is also usually necessary to pay designers to make even the smallest of changes. These types of fees can really add up, particularly when the inevitable adjustments need to be made as the business changes and grows. When using a website builder, however, there is no charge beyond the regular hosting fee. This leaves much more funding available for other important aspects of the business such as advertising and marketing.


Most often, the templates that are included with the hosting firm’s tools also offer advanced features such as a flash site builder. This can be a great attribute to create a more professional looking site. Rather than learn coding languages such as HTML, much time can be saved with more straightforward design results that an average person can accomplish.…

Design Aspects

The Different Aspects Of Web Design

Web design has always been an important factor in branding due to the increase in popularity of using the internet for shopping, reading and everyday activities. Whether you are planning to promote a product, service or your brand as a whole, having a web template that is appealing and relevant can help with finding success online.

One aspect of web design is the importance of choosing the colour scheme and theme you as they will help represent the products and services you have to offer. Understanding colour theory or working with a web designer can help to better understand what colours not to use when you are publishing a website and which are most ideal based on your current audience and the prospective target demographic that you have in mind for the future. When you choose the right colours for your site, visitors are more likely to stay on your page for longer periods of time without being distracted or overwhelmed by too bright or dark colours or clutter.


A major factor in determining whether or not your website is up to standards with today’s trends is to review the type of graphic design you have chosen to implement into your logo and site as a whole. Graphic design includes all of the elements that make up your entire site, giving it a theme based on your logo and any other types of graphics you want to add. Ensuring your website loads on various browsers and resolutions without lagging or crashing can also help to boost page views and the number of overall visitors your site receives regularly.

Once the logo, theme and graphics have been chosen, it’s time to look at photos and imagery used. This is especially important for online ecommerce stores as the images will catch the eye of the customer. Therefore it’s essential to find a professional who specialises in ecommerce photography to help advertise your product. There is also 360 photography available which will show the customer the item at all angles, giving them a full insight of what they are purchasing.…