Web design plays a vital role in creating conversions through your website. However, some web designers may be too focused on the design itself that they tend to forget the basics that highly affect conversions. For instance, a designer may decide to put their focus on making the website more appealing but forgets that it can also affect the loading speed of the website. A slow loading page is more likely to make customers impatient and irritable and thus result in customers leaving the website. These factors may be simple but never forget their importance on increasing conversionsLet’s take a look at the following factors that can speed up your conversions.

Cart visibility

Ensure that each product page is clearly showing the shopping cart sign so that customers are aware of them. Customers should also never have any difficulty in locating the cart. There are many ways that designer can highlight the cart so that it’s more visible. For instance, they can resize the button or simply change the colour.

Simplified search box

All websites should always have a search box button on all pages. Customers like to use the search box for when they are looking for something specific. Also please ensure that this button is always functional.

Colour compatible

When choosing a colour for the cart button, make sure that it is compatible with your current theme. A fact shows that the colours blue and green creates a positive effect.


Include a direct call to action on your page. An example of a direct call to action phrases includes “Add to Cart” and “Buy Now. A study has proven that direct call to action is much more effective than an indirect call to actions.


When designing the navigation, ensure that they are very simple and clear to your visitors. The more comfortable they can navigate to your website, the longer they are likely to stay.

How to increase conversions through web design

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