Having a clean look or a simple website is on trend right now, simply because it comes with so many benefits for your business and brand as well. Your website is also essential when it comes to showcasing what your brand has to offer. The design of your website is critical when creating a first impression on your customers. There’s been a study to prove that 48% of people will instantly judge your business just by looking at your web design. So why should you opt in for a simple design? We’ll discuss below why having a simple web design can give you an advantage.

Content focused

A simple website will highlight your content more. On the other hand, a design that has too many advertisements or too many random colours will look too busy or too distracting for your audience. It’s also vital that you have a variety of relevant, high-quality contents on your website. Contents can be shown in forms of text, images and videos.

User friendly

Websites with a simple design will have a better navigation all around and therefore are much more user-friendly for visitors. Visitors will find it easier to look for specific information and your contacts. This gives your audience a better user experience, and they are more likely to be interested in staying on the website.

Cheap hosting

You will need less space when you decide to simplify your website. This means that you will be saving money as you won’t have to spend more for extra space on your hosting.

Professional and trustworthy

It’s proven that simple designs are more professional looking. Once your audience thinks that your website is professional, they are more likely to have trust in your business as well. When looking to simplify your design, make sure that the theme is bright and simple.  

Advantages of having a simple website

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